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Episode 8: Learn about Sustainable Seafood with The Fishmonger - Tommy Gomes

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"Sustainable Seafood for me is harvesting species in a manor that is non-destructive to the fishing habitat, not overfishing, with minimal bycatch." - Tommy Gomes


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I had the opportunity to chat with Tommy Gomes, known as The Fishmonger in our home town of San Diego, and a TV personality on the Show "The Fishmonger" aired on the Outdoor Channel.  Tommy is a San Diego native, whose Portuguese family settled here in 1892. He is the fifth generation of fisherman, but has left the commercial side of fishing, and found himself being an advocate for sustainable seafood.

Being a foodie, I've met Tommy through mutual chefs and friends in the community almost 10 years ago, and was able to reconnect with him when he launched the local fish market & grocery - Tunaville Market - who is also Wynn's Kitchen's retail partner.

In this episode Tommy shares with me the importance of sustainability, responsible fishing practices, encouraging restaurants, chefs, and educating the public on eating local.

Tommy explains that are are so many variety of delicious fish that are caught locally and encourages people to try new types of fish instead of sticking with the fish that are popular. Many times those fish are caught overseas, and travel thousands of miles before they land on our plates. There are a surplus of delicious fish in the area that are underutilized.

Listen in and learn about the hidden secrets behind our seafood, and how we can get better quality seafood, while supporting our local community.

To connect with Tommy and stay updated, follow him on Instagram and watch him on the Outdoor Channel.

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