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Episode 10: Unleashing the magic of storytelling with Courtney Shane

Episode 10: Unleashing the magic of storytelling with Courtney Shane


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Get ready to learn the magic of unleashing the magic of storytelling to engage, inspire, and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Do you have a compelling brand story? How important is storytelling for your business?

In this month's episode, I had a in-depth conversation with Courtney Shane, Founder & CEP of Challenger Brand Group, a consulting firm  that builds consumer-focused strategies for emerging brands.

Storytelling sounds so simple right? It's actually something that most people struggle with the most! But if you are in sales, have your own business, or is a founder of a company, storytelling is the FOUNDATION of your business and can have a huge impact on your business.

A strong story can mean the difference between someone buying your product,
investing in you, or supporting your business plan vs. being forgotten or
dismissed or getting pushback.

Listen in as Courtney shares, not only the impact of storytelling, but advice and tips on how to unleash the magic of your own brand or business story.  More importantly, she shares the BIGGEST mistakes seen in storytelling, and how you can AVOID them!

This episode is gold my friends! Please share it with your friends if you found it helpful and if you think they will find it helpful!

If you could use some help on developing your story or need additional help with your brand, connect with Courtney!

Challenger Brand Group

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