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How to Host a Fabulous Favorite Thing Party

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The tradition of hosting a white elephant party for the holidays is getting ditched for the "Favorite Things" Party. Who wants to go home with random gag gifts? Mine usually went straight into the donation bin. In comes the new trend of hosting a "Favorite Things" Party! 


We all have that favorite thing that we enjoy in our daily life that brings us joy and becomes an essential item. (I may be biased but mine is  Wynn's Kitchen Saté Asian Chili Sauce) It's so much more fun to share your favorite items with your friends, and in return receive some of your friend's favorite items. It's so much more enjoyable to bring home gifts that you'll actually love and use!

If you are are interested in hosting one, here are some basic rules to get you started.

Set a Budget

To ensure that everyone has a fair and enjoyable experience, establish a budget for the favorite things gifts. Communicate this clearly in the invitation, and suggest a range that allows for creativity while keeping things reasonable. This step ensures that no one feels pressured to spend more than they're comfortable with. (The average budget is $20 and under for each item)

Gift Exchange Rules

Have your guests bring three identical gifts unwrapped. Display all the favorite things in the center of the room or on a table. Have everyone share why they brought their favorite thing, then draw numbers from a bowl. In numerical order, take turns selecting a gift from the pile. That gift is yours to keep, with no swapping, or stealing. Do this for three separate rounds, redrawing numbers from a bowl each time.

Your guests will each leave with 3 different kinds of gifts that they other friends love and they'll know why they love the products! 

We've had so many of our customers tell us that they've bring our sauces to their "favorite things" party, and it's always been a hit! So if you are headed to a party or hosting one, be sure to order through our website or grab it from on of our retail partners!







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