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Episode 13: Celebrate Your Progress to Keep Moving Forward

The Wynn's Kitchen Podcast-Entrepreneurship

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To kick off 2024, one of my goals is to hop on the mic and create more solo episodes! This past year has been a transformative year for me and for Wynn’s Kitchen. Many people have asked me how I created a sauce from my kitchen, to eventually landing on the shelves of grocery stores. I’m ready to start sharing my journey of how I got into this business and the lessons that I’m learning along the way.

To jumpstart my solo series, I would like to share my word for 2024! Every year, I like to pick a word that will help guide me and the word that is resonating with me is CELEBRATE.

We all need to take time to celebrate our progress instead of focusing on the outcome. As a goal oriented person, I’m definitely guilty of having moments of attaching my self worth to an outcome.

I’ve learned that mentality does not serve me or anybody else! So let’s CELEBRATE the sheer joy of taking a leap of faith in something that you believe in. CELEBRATE change - even when it’s hard. CELEBRATE our health- because it’s truly the real meaning of wealth. CELEBRATE relationships that are meaningful to us, 

ALWAYS CELEBRATE your progress of whatever you are trying to achieve.  Big goals are not accomplished overnight, they are achieved through compounding all the small wins. I’ve learned this first hand, from making chili sauce in my kitchen as a side hustle to going ALL IN and landing on over 200 shelves. Building my business is still a work in progress every day!

Friends, thank you so much for listening to The Wynn’s Kitchen Podcast! I look forward to CELEBRATING this incredible journey with you!

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