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Episode 14: Save Time, Money, and Avoid Mistakes by Leveraging expertise from CPG Experts on CPG Brains

Phil Gorman, CPG Brains, Wynn's Kitchen expert


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In this podcast episode, I interviewed our special guest Phil Gorman, the founder of CPG Brains, an online marketplace connecting CPG brands with independent industry experts.

Phil shares his journey as a CPG brand owner and the challenges he faced in finding the right consultants and resources. He explains how CPG Brains aims to provide a platform for brands to connect with experts in various sectors, including sales and marketing, operations, finance, and e-commerce. The platform offers flexible and affordable options for brands to get real-world advice and support from experienced professionals.

We also explore the difference between the old world and new world approaches to business in the CPG industry. The old world approach is characterized by a focus on manufacturing, taking orders, and following processes, while the new world approach emphasizes problem-solving, getting things done, and building relationships.

We also cover the importance of knowing when to say no and being disciplined in business decisions is highlighted. Phil talks about the value of collaborations and partnerships as valuable strategies for growth and exposure.

Both Phil and I understand the significance of having experts and consultants who understand and care about your brand - in addition to having valuable advice that can save CPG brands time and money. They may also save the brand from making expensive mistakes.

CPG Brains has experts that covers a wide range of categories from financial, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, fundraising, sales, and more!

You can find an expert for the areas you need help with on their website at:

Since I started Wynn's Kitchen from my own kitchen, I've learned SO much, and there is so much information (even simple ones) that I wish I knew from the beginning. One of my passions is helping others, so you can also find me on CPG Brains if you need help or advice with launching your own brand!

Keep in touch with me on my entrepreneurial journey and find out what I'm cooking! You can also order my products through our website.
Instagram: Wynnskitchen


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